Oil Pastels

magazine lipstick advert eyeliner magazine advert couple hugging on beach Natasha Bedingfield portrait mermaid sitting on a beach Clare and Matt Kerry
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Magazine Lipstick Advert

The Original magazine image advertised Mabelline Lip Sticks. The model in this picture is Josie Maran. (Not Kylie Minogue!)

Oil pastal on A5 sketch book paper.

Eyeliner Magazine Advert

The second of the make up oil pastals. This advertises kohl eyeliner. I like using oil pastals when an image in a magazine is bright, and shocking. The pastals really make the features stand out.

Oil pastal on A5 sketch book paper.

Couple Hugging on Beach

Taken from a magazine, The picture is of a couple hugging on a beach. The lighting was late evening, giving the couple a deep, bright glow to their skin. (making the female very oranage and the male very pink!)

Oil pastal on A4 sketch book paper.

Natasha Bedingfield Portrait

An oil pastel of UK singer, Natasha Bedingfield. This oil pastel can be purchased on www.impressionz-art.com in which some of the money will go towards Cancer Research UK.

Mermaid Sitting on a Beach

This oil pastel was specially painted for my friend who likes mermaids and she requested a picture. The idea for this oil pastel was taken from a Magazine photo, which I then made the legs look like a mermaid's tail.

Clare and Matt



This oil pastel is 75 cm x 55 cm, painted by request. 28/08/09