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Fave: Multiple

I am very impressed with you work! I am an art student at the college of San Mateo and like to watch the competition.

Christine Liner
Location: San Mateo, Ca, USA

Fave: Cheryl Cole.

Hey Lucy, I love your work it is amazing! Have you considered doing a portrait of Rihanna? Because she has some really striking photos, it would look really nice :) x

Love Becca x
Location: Somerset, UK

Fave: Enrique ;P.

Hi Lucy, You have an unbelievable talent and am loving all your work! :D (Told you I'd go straight home and take another look at the site). Lots of Love,

Hannah ox
Location: Somerset, UK

Fave: Eyes.

Hey, is there any way of contacting you by email as I am currently studying art as an Alevel and would like to use some of your work as inspiration. :) If you could write back, that would be great. Thank you :)

Location: UK

Fave: All the oil pastels, fairies and pop stars.

Hi Lucy, Georgia here (Claire's daughter). Mum just showed me your website, it is amazing. Can't wait for you to do a portrait of me i will find some good photos so mum can bring them. lol

Georgie XxxXxx
Location: Somerset, UK

Fave: Fragile Fairy.

I really like your i was actually wondering if you would do a painting for me but...i dont use anything but cash (cuz im 16) and I don't have much...but I still thought that your fragile fairy was pretty. :)

Location: USA

Fave: The Oil Pastels.

I was wondering what your last name is so I could use u as a link for my GCSE final project because I love the style you draw in.

Location: Norwich, UK

Fave: Ashton Kutcher.

Hello. I thought that I would get in touch as I am the Graham Chubb that your Grandmother painted the sugar plaques for.We had the bakery in Street where Tesco now stands and over the years I have made 18 cakes for Royal occasions. If you would like to get in touch I would be delighted to hear from you. All the best.

Graham Chubb
Location: Somerset, UK

Fave: Retro Chick.

Loving the Retro Chick picture Lucy and you have some fab new ones too! Very talented! Still love the pop art you did for me.

Caz x
Location: Somerset

Fave: Mermaid.

I am doing a art project for my english class. The project consist of taking a piece of art and recreating it by taking a photo of yourself. I really liked the mermaid picture but was not able to get a bigger pictrue of it. If you would be willing to send me a jpeg of it I would be very grateful. Thanks.


Fave: Eyes.


Hiya!! Your artwork is truly stunning! Those eyes are beautiful, so much detail and emotion. Keep up the good work hun.

Faye xxx

Fave: Mermaid.

Hi Lucy, I'm the Clare that is friends with your boyfriend, and I'd just like you to know that I think your a great artist. Not sure if Clarky has mentioned that i would LOVE for you to do a picture for me.

Clare xxx

Fave: All of them.

I think all of your pictures are brilliant and you are very clever. Good luck for the future.


Fave: They're all lovely!

I will be launching a magazine and would like to talk to you about a comic-style strip that I would like to include in every issue as an ongoing 'story' - 3 or 4 frames per issue and funny. I have an idea for this strip but need your talents.


Fave: Rob Thomas

Stumbled upon your page via google images and wanted to tell you that your rob thomas oil paintings are AWESOME. Keep up the good work :)

Chris Morton

Fave: The beautiful Blonde Girl, it's wicked! (Emma Bunton)

Your a dark horse Lucy, your drawings are really good, you really need to start writing some letters to people and getting your art work out there, cos you've really got something special,

Luv Caz x

Hi Lucy, very nice website.How about a self portrait? Regards from Austria


hey lucy! wow the new look for your site is brilliant, it looks really professional (not that it didnt before though!) i love the painting of emma bunton it really does look just like her well done! hope you find someone who would like to use your work because it is amazing!

Laura x*x*x*x

Fave: Matt Willis and me coasters! :D

Lucyyyy!! You're amazing! The new look to the website is well cool.. and I love the coasters, they're amazing! And the new Emma Bunton painting is awesome! I love youuu! :D

Jo xx

Thanks so much for doing the painting for me we all loved it. I'll see ya around college.


Fave: Laura!

comments: I'm famous!! wow Lucy all of these pictures are brilliant, you have such talent and thank you so much for all the pictures that you draw for me i love them all!

Love you lots!


Fave: Fairy Godmother

comments: Great paintings - particularly love the strength in character that shines through with both fairy godmother and annoying sis. Well done,

Tracy Wall

Fave: all of them they are amazing

comments: hi lucy, this is an amazing website, how long does it take you to do these pictures. well done.
wat are you doing admin for (lol)


Fave: Girl with Drink

comments:Misses, your new stuff is bloody amazing! You're soooo good!!! It's not fair, wish I had your talent.
Can I be a bit cheeky, and make a request, please? Not that I want you to send me it or anything, but if you get the time, and you feel like painting something... do you think you could paint me, please? Like.. my default on myspace in the style of Girl with Drink? Please oh please oh please!! Only if you want to/can though! :)

Jo xox

Fave: the cartoons

comments: I think your pictures r gr8. I loved the Neighbours pictures. Lou & Harold were the best! bye lippie hope you will e-mail back.


Fave: All of them!

comments: Hey Lucy, great pics - keep up the good work, youve got a great talent! PS/Im loving the nieghbours pics esp Lou and Harold!! lol



Fave: lipstick advent

comments: I would love to be to use your Lipstick Advent on my blog .. How do I get in contact with you about a idea? Your work rocks! My blog is

Kim Snyder

Fave: Hilary Duff

comments: That painting is amazing, and so lifelike!


Fave: All, as always!

comments: Hey Lucy!! Love the new stuff you've put up!! And I absolutely love your grandmother's work!! It's amazing!! Seriously, it's brilliant!! Love yas! xx


Fave: All of them! - esp fairy god mother!

Wow cool site Lucy! yor stuff is great!!! See ya later,

Pingu.xx (Emz)

Fave: All of them

hey Lucy, never knew you were so talented. It would take me years to draw 1 of your creations. They are superb!


Fave: Eyes, Lips.


I was just wondering if you do avators like the sketch of the eyes or Lips would be really cool oh and yeah I would love it!

Kim Snyder

Fave: Fairy god mother.

I think the painting and sketches are really interesting and like the way you have been able to capture a distinct atmosphere in each of them.


Fave: Eminem.

this is a cool site!


Fave: Eyeliner Advert.

wow your art is really good! specially love the oil pastals and the sketches, keep it up!


Fave: I love the Fairy God Mother painting.

Your paintings look like photos, they're amazing! And i love the little cartoons you do they're so cute! You're so talented, wish i could draw like you! (I'm Natalie -Laura's friend by the way, I followed the link off her msnspace thingy!) xXx


Fave: All of them hello have you seen them?!

Heyyyy!!!! awww baby this website is fantastical...groovay baby....fabulous darrrling! lOoL!!! you know i'm you're biggest fan and promotoing your art work on my 'my space' which i decided to randomly add as my website!! hehe!

Anyways carry on with the amazing work poppet!!

Wuv youuuuuuuuu



Fave: ALL!

LUCY!!! Your stuff is amazing!! You are really great!! DO MORE!! lol. U puttin the mermaid up?